Stronger Development

Aialax AB was founded in 2007 and is a Swedish limited company with me, Mikael Börjesson, as the main owner. Aialax’s business is focused on offering expert support in projects that need to integrate research, development, innovation, digital design and business development in an effective way.

Aialax’s main customer base is industrial companies that want to strengthen their ability to develop their products, services, production and business processes with digital technology (IT). This often takes the form of national or international R&D projects, where Aialax takes primary responsibility for the project or provides planning and management support to the project management.

Aialax can also offer support in method and competence development for customers who want to strengthen their staff and organization’s ability to run operations, processes and projects for research development and innovation. Here are customers in industry, universities and public administration.

Aialax’s consulting offering is based partly on the expertise available in the company and partly on the network of specific expertise that Aialax engages based on needs and agreements in each individual assignment.


Mikael Börjesson
Mikael Börjesson
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